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You might be asking yourself "Why do i need a Part P Electrician.?"  Well the building regulations are law by act of parliament and they are there to keep you safe. Registered electrcians belong to governing bodies like Elecsa (who i am with). These companies use approved electricians and check the electricians work to make sure they comply with the part p regulations.

So when you hear, part p registered, you know the electrician is working to the exacting standards set by the law, also safe in the knowledge that he is recommended.  


When dealing with electricity, it is no laughing matter, that is why you ring an electrician to complete work.  Afterall safety is paramount.


  • Part P - Electrical Safety: is a section of the building regulations pertaining to electrical work in domestic premises. it only applys to places where people live. ie not shops or industrial premises. Contrary to popular opinion there are serveral other parts of the building regulations that electrical systems have to comply with. these are...  


  • Part A - Structure: means you must not knock the building down , by drilling holes to pass cables.


  • Part B - Fire Safety: The correct fire alarms must be wired in.


  • Part E - Resistance to the Passage of Sound: The wiring must not penetrate sound proofing.


  • Part F - Ventilation: You must fit and wire the correct capacity fans in bathrooms and kitchens.


  • Part L - Conservation of Fuel and Power in Dwellings: You must fit the correct amount of energy saving lights and appliances.


  • Part M - Access to and Use of Buildings: You must fit switches and sockets at the correct heights for people in wheel chairs.


A Part P qualified electrician can work to these standards, sign the work off and notify it to LABC  (Local Area Building Control). Unqualified people pay a fee to LABC of apporox £150.00 IF building control approves their work.


We will liase with LABC to ensure your electrical installation does not fall foul of their regulations. Further more, members of Part P schemes, (in my case Elecsa) have voluntarily agreed to have their work checked and assessed by the third party. We are required by law to carry £2,000,000 of third party insurance.


Now if you get your boyfriends Dad to complete work of a domestic nature there is no such protection.

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